About Me

Mark Mucchetti

I am a technology leader with a deep curiosity about many topics. As a professional, I build technology organizations to be innovative, efficient, and people-focused. I’ve worn most technology hats during my career — software engineer, data analyst, enterprise architect, DevOps manager, security/compliance officer, project manager…

I pursue a wide array of tech-related side projects whenever I have time. My special interests are in data science, home automation, Raspberry Pi, retrocomputing, video games (https://alttpr.com/en), IoT, 3-D printing, conversational agents, machine learning, and mechanical keyboards.

My favorite languages are Node, Python, C, and SQL. (Although professionally I’ve also used C++, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, Hack, and even Visual Basic, though I will deny it.)

I’m also an author, musician, and crossword puzzle addict. All of this is fueled by my disconcertingly high caffeine intake.